Monday, November 2, 2009


I have left every Thai meal feeling completely stuffed. Possibly due to the lack of leisure alternatives on this isolated beach or possibly due to the number of good friends we have made here which we enjoy sharing time with, each meal has become an event and the food has never failed to deliver a good time. Although I believed I would be missing my American standbys, my actual experience has been quite different. Most often there are many western dishes available on the menus, but they have mostly lost their appeal on and I find my favorites to be Thai, and often involving some type of curry. Most of the Thai dishes the locals whip up for farang involve rice, veggies, chicken or pork, cashews or peanuts and some type of noodle or curry. Some are a little more interesting. Stuffed pineapple or if you are going all out the Thais would be more than happy to fry you up a snapper right from the sea... eye balls and all. Remember the cheeks are the tastiest.

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