Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Lao Disneyland

Deep in the hills of northern Laos there is a river. On that river the backpacker kids rent old truck inner tubes. They take those inner tubes north of Vang Vieng and they float down that river. On that river exist pubs built on rickety bamboo platforms overhanging the river. At those pubs can be found free all-you-can-stomach Lao whiskey shots all day long, $1 Beerlao tallboys, and buckets of vodka for $3. Above those pubs tower even more rickety bamboo towers reaching 15meters or so. Climbing those towers to find the risky end of a rope swing, zip line, or bamboo waterslide are those Lao whiskey drinking backpacker kids. Now if you want real adventure try floating down the river and attempting to dodge the flying day-glo painted bodies of drunk backpackers. I am not really sure how to explain it better, its either like a water park for spring breakers or a lighter version of the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. For a kick after dark you can eat outside any of the restaurants in town and chuckle at the gangs of mumbling partiers stumbling up from the river barefoot, limping, and nursing various wounds trying to figure out what happened to themselves and where the after party will be.

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