Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Heading back to the mainland

Transport in Thailand has been really interesting. We are lucky enough, or more likely smart enough, to avoid some of the long run bus trips that are the basis for so many backpackers' travel nightmares. We needed to get back to the mainland today so naturally this involved no less than five forms of transportation. The real highlight being the 4x4 drive through the jungle back to the major port on Koh Phanghan provided by Luhr, the owner of Love Lip Bungalows. He had a mean little four cylinder lifted pick up that he was able squish 7 backpackers into with their massive duffels and overfed bellies. Of course Luhr was responsible for those overstuffed bellies and whenever we complained at dinner and pointed at his own which he left bulging out from his rolled up shirt, he merely replied "much Thai power". Maybe he was right and it is power, but what we learned this day after eating Luhr's going away present the night before of tuna, mussels, chicken, prawn, curry, etc. was that power can be a difficult thing to keep in your stomach after a long 4x4 trip on questionably tracked trails in the Thai jungle mountains. Luckily we had a nice and easy ride and a auto and supply ferry back to the mainland afterwards. The rainy season seas had not been whipped up into a sloshing mess yet so it was an easy journey under some incoming clouds which would bring the first strong storm of the season into the mainland that night.

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  1. This looks like you timed your departure perfectly!