Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crown of Borneo

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, tallest peak in South East Asia, and the youngest granite mountain in the world... Mt. Kinabalu. Traveling a few hours into the jungle from the coast you really feel like you are entering Jurassic Park. First you realize you are entering some serious jungle territory, then you start climbing into the mountains, and then you get the first glimpse of this amazing mountain of rock that emerges from the green forests like a crown on a king overseeing his kingdom below.  Our guide hailed from a former head hunting tribe in Tambunan in the interior of Borneo.  If you every really want to learn about the culture of a new place a local private hire guide is a great way to go, and often you find they are as interested about your culture as you are theirs.  We lucked out on this trip.

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