Tuesday, November 10, 2009

500 Cambodians per year

...die from landmines left over from previous decades of war. There are an estimated 2 - 5 million undetonated explosives in Cambodia. This is the reason for a traveler will see so many Cambodians missing a leg, hand, or other appendage and also the reason there are so many orphaned children struggling to survive in this land. There are many governmental organizations and NGOs trying to help those affected as well as those trying to de-mine the land. The Cambodian Land Mine Museum is an awesome example of what can be done as shown through the work of Aki-Ra, a former child Khmer Rouge soldier.  The anti-mine NGO he works with employs 17 Cambodians full time and operates on an annual budget, including salaries, office expenses, rent, and vehicle related costs of less than $3,900.

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