Thursday, November 26, 2009

An evening on a river in Borneo

Our first critter hunt... southwest Borneo. On the lookout for monkeys... your average run of the mill macaques to your big honkin' proboscis monkey. We hired a boat and took a cruise down a river near Kota Klias. The monkeys are interesting, but the river we choose is also known for a type of firefly which swarm in the thousands on certain trees. What makes these unique is their apparent ability to communicate and flash in unison as if they are all operating as one organism. And then of course Borneo has some crazy critters of the amphibious sort. Me: "What the f*$# is a crocodile doing in that tree above us", Guide: "The crocs stay in the water. The water monitors are in the trees". Yeah that's right, not only do you have to mind your arms hanging over the sides of the boat in Borneo but 7ft lizards can climb trees. Christ! And apparently the adult monitors grow up to 9ft.

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  1. oh my god this looks STUNNING! Thanks for the 'armchair journey' Evan, keep 'em coming ;)