Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Singapore sling

It's a damn expensive town. But its easy to forget about when there is so much eating to do. Actually, the food ain't so expensive when you sit down for grub, only the booze (the namesake Singapore Sling costs $26US at the Long Bar). Singaporeans, and those that call Singapore home, do their best to eat as often as possible. Food is at the center of the culture and meals tend to be smaller but are taken more times throughout day than in the West. Curiously contrary to the flashy nature of a culture that has an established class system, getting down to some good eats need not be a flashy affair. Many meals are eaten in open air food markets, "hawker centers", on make shift tables sitting in plastic chairs (I personally prefer the green). Construction workers sit along side investment bankers at their favorite eating spots, each known for its own famous dish. It almost seems like their may be a disdain for fanciful ambience as it may only be a cover for poor cooking which is the only real measure of the quality of a Singaporean dinning spot.  So the cheap food almost makes up for the $8 beers... almost.

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  1. heh! I'm certain I did not dream seeing a photo on this posting of the lovely Teya sheltering at a food stall under an awning somewhere in Arab Street! Did I ???