Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full moon get down

We decided the best course of action was to pack it in early after a good grilled seafood meal and a beer or two, so we did just that and were in bed by 22:00. When the alarm went off at 00:30 it was a little difficult to get motivated, but we knew we couldn't leave this island without having experienced the party that brings a crowd so big it doubles the island's population overnight. We got down to the beach around 00:30 and met up with some friends and were a little grumpy after just having woken up and now being surrounded by heart bounding drum and bass music and getting bumped into by wasted college kids and tripping in the dark over those who had found the deep end of a bag of MDMA all of whom are painted from head to toe in day glow body paint. We hiked up to the bar on the edge of the cove overlooking the entire beach to get a good perspective of the whole scene and were a bit under whelmed at the turnout of only a few thousand people. We headed back to the beach and stopped for a bucket which seemed to turn the spirits of the group and we felt like the spirit of the night was sinking in a little bit. The strong ocean breeze at our backs, the cool water on our feet in the surf, the laser lights, strong beats, bright full moon light, and good company amongst us... it was a very good night. It is a great environment for people watching with such a diverse group of folks with so much intent and angst they are trying to relieve through such care free means. Attractions like the quintessential fire spinners are very cool to watch, but observing your average thoroughly sloshed partygoer at an event like this can provide much more entertainment.

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