Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lights in the sky

There are a few things I have left on my list of things to do before I die.  Only a few of those things have been on the list since I first started to think about things such as this.  But fortunately, the timing worked out and I have knocked off one of those things I wanted to do.  We headed out around 9pm as the late sun was setting and headed east from Reykjavik over the hills and into the tundra.  We waited outside in the cold, the frosty dry cold, under a full moon.  We were worried we would get skunked due to the full moon and time of year. See, the day gets longer by more than 10 minutes per day this time of year in Iceland and we were just nearing the cusp where nightfall fades away into eternal daylight and the nights were no longer as dark as you would expect. But we waited and were rewarded.  The northern lights, aurora borealis, started to appear as a faint light on the horizon and then quickly fired up and blasted its way above our heads and all around us.  Amazing.

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