Friday, March 26, 2010

Ice and fire

As soon as we landed in Iceland we started to hear rumors of the possibility of a volcanic eruption. Lucky for us the top popped two days latter.  We jumped into the Toyota Yaris and joined the convoy of monster vans that had taken the opportunity to launch tour trips out to the national park where the big guy was spitting fire and ash.  We made it pretty far into the national park until we came upon a river crossing, and this I am sad to say is where the Yaris finally failed us. We ditched the car and started trekking, but after throwing up our thumbs we were picked up by the first Icelanders passing by.  So we jumped into the lifted SUV and chatted up the locals and their two dogs along for the ride. We finally got out about as close as we could to the volcano on its second day of its eruption. It was not much of a spectacle, but it was definitely starting to get angry.  Of course the Icelanders were all concerned since the eruption of the little volcano Eyjafjallajokull which is currently erupting has preceded the eruption of the much bigger and meaner Katla every time in recorded history.  Well, no Katla eruption yet.  In the pic below you can see in the upper left the beginning of the eruption that soon will follow.

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