Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where I lay may head

Knees a bit shaky flying into Bangkok and from Bangkok down to Surat Thani. You see, we had to fly through that monsoon that just rocked the Phillipines, not once but twice.  Not so much fun when warned before even boarding the flight that you will be flying through 'extreme' weather.  Next we had a long van ride and even longer ferry ride to look forward to, but amazing trip none the less.  Now searching the east coast of the island for a residence for the next month and a half... and finding it amusing that some of my negotiations have come to a head over a quarter off of $9.00 a night 'super special' rates.  Maybe I am subconsciously trying to justify my MBA.... but money is money.

Off on our own separates ways now for some yoga and explore the island and research dive centers.  Beautiful land of the longtail boats...

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