Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brews of Thailand

One of the best treats in life is an ice cold beer, especially in a land where it is at least 34C/95F in the shade every day.  What makes Thailand a bit different, other than the beers itself, is that you can buy beer anywhere and drink it anywhere.  Pick up a few on the way to dinner, pop one open on the street, and walk right in to the restaurant with it… no worries.  It helps add to the sense that I have been developing while in Thailand that you are home wherever you are.  Chan Lager… has as much alcohol content as it does lack of good taste.  Often served as a tallboy 22oz’er and breakfast of the frat boyish type, two of these and you are faced, three of these and your face is in the toilet.  Nearly on par with Sri Lankan beer for its righteously horrible flavor.  Singha Lager… great taste if not a tad bitter, the go to beer of choice on the islands.  Leo Lager… the best of the lot, the most expensive, and the most difficult to track down on the islands.  Bonus points to Leo for the coolest label.  7-11 prices: Chan 30b/$.85USD (tallboy 55b/$1.50USD), Singha 40b/$1.10USD (tallboy 70b/$2USD), Leo 55b/$1.50USD

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