Monday, September 28, 2009

Yakiniku: more gratuitous meat grilling for your pleasure

Using what may be the most fantastical dinner table ever invented, Japanese Yakiniku involves cooking various kinds of beef, steak, chicken, and veggies on an open fire pit and grill built directly into the dinner table and flush with the dinning surface.  Genius strikes a gain here folks, the Japanese know how to do some grilling.  Why have I never even had this as an option on my dinning furniture?  You would be hard pressed to find a man that would turn down the option of an open fire pit in his dinning room table... sounds like another opportunity for vast wealth and riches.

FYI - The Yakiniku is hands down amazing.  If you can find it get it.  I would use it as a marinade on steaks, probably letting them soak for just a few hours.  I personally do not prefer the many teriyaki steak marinades, but yakiniku on the other hand is a whole different ball of meat.

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