Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The official Bangkok welcome catfish

Rolling into our pad for the next two days in Bangkok we see we have a beautiful view of a nice little canal and a temple just beyond.  My eye becomes immediately fixed upon what appear to be some strange creatures stirring below the surface of that questionably tainted water.  I run down the stairs and find a thrashing cauldron of catfish 25lb+.  Catfish in these densities and of this size immediately trigger for an angler such as myself the question... 'to noodle' or 'not to noodle'. Ohhhh boy, this is a rare and great opportunity for an adventurous angler unexperienced with the ways of the deep south US and their catfish heritage.  Perhaps if I had knocked down a few Singhas earlier I may have been sufficiently lubricated to try and tackle such a mission.  Fortunately the fear of one of these monsters getting the better of me and dragging me into his turf to get throttled amongst the mass of writhing fish deterred me... just for now.  But the fish must sleep too...

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