Monday, April 26, 2010

40,000 miles

I am now sitting back on the east coast of the United States and starting to add up all of those whacky cab rides, rough flights, wet boat trips, and long treks.  31,000 miles by plane, 5,000 miles by car and bus, 3,000 miles on trains, 500 miles by boat, and at least 500 miles by foot.  By my math that puts us at about 40,000 miles travelled over the last seven months.  Not too shabby.  A lot of this trip was up in the air when we took off on that first flight.  Our original around-the-world tickets only had about a dozen stops.  Most of those stops ended up being hubs for other trips and exploration.  In the end the basic route ended up something like:

New York, USA > Chicago, USA > Tokyo, Japan > Nara, Japan > Osaka, Japan > Kyoto, Japan > Tokyo, Japan > Bangkok, Thailand > Surat Thani, Thailand > Koh Phangan, Thailand > Koh Tao, Thailand > Surat Thani, Thailand > Bangkok, Thailand > Siem Reape, Cambodia > Phnom Penh, Cambodia > Pakse, Laos > Vientiane, Laos > Vang Vienne, Laos > Vientiane, Laos > Bangkok, Thailand > Singapore > Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia > Bali, Indonesia > Jakarta, Indonesia > Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Maylasia > Kuala Lumpur, Maylasia > Bangkok, Thailand > Kolkota, India > Kathmandu, Nepal > Lukla, Nepal > Kathmandu, Nepal > New Delhi, India > London, England > Paris, France > Lyon, France > Milan, Italy > Venice, Italy > Rome, Italy > Naples, Italy > Palermo, Sicily, Italy > Scaccia, Sicily, Italy > London, England > Oxford, England > Guitting Power, England > London England > Reykjavik, Iceland > New York, USA

There were plenty of side trips along the way that I can not even come close to nailing down in any sort of coherent list here.  But the basic map of the trip looks something like this...

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  1. Wow, glad to see you both made it back in such good spirits! A superbly timed, historic climax to an eventful journey too!
    As I look at this map, it seems unevenly fully tipped to the northern hemisphere. Was that intentional? And does this mean the next big journey will be a southern hemisphere based trip round-the-world style itinerary? Perhaps going in the other direction too?
    The last thing you probably want to think about right now is another big trip, probably loving being in a familiar place for a bit. Or not? It's hard to settle in again for some people after such life-changing adventures.
    Anyway, wherever we are living at that next time, you are always welcome to stop by again enroute. Good luck with your next venture(s), this has been a terrific blog which I'll miss.