Monday, December 14, 2009

Temple Mania: Nepal Edition: Himalayan Temples

Temples galore in these hills.  Early on in the trek you find many Nepalese Buddhist temples and monasteries, but quickly something changes and you find that most of the locales that you meet are Tibetan and Sherpa (as in the people, not the mountain guides).  You soon find stone tablets, walls, and boulders inscribed with Buddhist prayers called mani walls on the sides and in the middle of the trails (Remember: pass on the left).  Most of these walls are inscribed with the same prayer, on mani padme hum.  The same prayer you will hear the Sherpa and Tibetans chant while spinning the many prayer wheels you pass along your way.  If you make it up to Khumjung and you have the time to head over to the local monastery you can find what the monks claim is a yeti skull... Ha! Looks like an upturned hairy cereal bowl to me.  None the less, our sherpa is a believer and its worth a visit.  The same monastery has an uber giant prayer wheel in a room with intricate wall paintings centuries older than the United States itself.


  1. but do they offer Bingo on Saturday nights?

  2. euw, that's really grose Evan! Did it look like a real head?